With our joint efforts, we can make the impossible possible!萬事皆可能,齊心就事成

When one receives an email with the subject exactly as given in this post’s title, one has to read it, right?

It was from the HKU Staff Association. What miracle had occurred on their watch? What dream had been fulfilled? What injustice had been righted?

The answer: The ATM near the Medical School had been saved.

As the email ended its recounting of the miraculous tale of how the ability to withdraw cash near my colleagues’ offices had been kept, it proclaimed,

“With your support and effective communication, we can overcome difficulties, we can make the impossible possible!  Let’s keep up the good work together. ”

I agree wholeheartedly. God bless Hong Kong! God bless everyone!

Update: Here is the behind-the-scenes play-by-play, inappropriately formatted as a picture:

Nice ATM
I hope the new ATM looks like this (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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