Update on the mask

After wearing the Mask of Shame for much of the last 24 hours, I have now thrown it away, mostly in disgust. The ability to walk like a surgeon in public without too many odd looks was indeed thrilling; but like all good fashionistas, I had to suffer for my art.

In order to ensure that no-one else is infected by the germs my breath carries, that very same air is kept circulating inside the mask and thence back into my respiratory system, so that I was breathing very stale stuff by the end of my experiment. Also, the same process led to both the mask and my mouth smelling rather foul by the time I ripped it off in relief…

I’m glad I had the opportunity to take part in this traditional Hong Kong custom, but I think that next time I will not sacrifice my mediocre-smelling breath on the altar of ensuring random strangers don’t catch, after all, only a blooming cold…



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