Post-prandial pharma-party: a recipe

A recipe to have a good time at home by yourself in Hong Kong (Christmas Eve edition!) while suffering from rhinopharyngitis (rhinorrhoea optional but recommended for the complete experience):

1) Go to your local favourite purveyor of pharmaceuticals. Watsons would be a mainstream choice in Hong Kong, so that is where I went today. This helps ensure that Li Ka-Shing makes even more money than he already has. For advanced chefs: Don’t forget to take your Watson’s card! You will receive discounts seemingly, or possibly actually, at random; you will also receive points that expire at random intervals. It’s basically a totally random experience.

2) Buy the following items:


(The sesame seed oil is for garnish).

3) Feel free to indulge on the Japanese Pringles, but be sure to take only moderate amounts of the cocktail pills so you can savour them. Today I chose Panadol Cold & Flu Extra, the brand that seemed to contain the most drugs. This blend contains acetaminophen (aka paracetamol, a rare substance here), phenylephrine, ascorbic acid (aka vitamin C), terpin hydrate, noscapine, and a touch of caffeine. Swallow with that dinner table classic, dihydrogen monoxide, served hot or cold.

Merry Pringles, and a happy new Chanukah!



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