A doughnut in Hong Kong

It’s Chanukah (光明節, or חנוכה in the original), so latkes (which are like potato versions of 油端子, a Nanjing dish) and jam doughtnuts (aka sufganiyot [סופגניות]) are required for degustation. Latkes is probably a little too hard to find in Hong Kong, but how about doughnuts?

[below is a picture of 油端子 followed by one of latkes; the similarity is uncanny, right?]

As is explained in the Talmud [NB. this might not be true], Chanukah doughnuts must not have a hole in the middle and they must be full of strawberry or raspberry jam. Something like this:


This might look like the perfect Israeli sufganiyah, but it’s actually from the famous Japanese department store Sogo, and instead of jam it contains red bean paste. Normally this fact would make me refuse to even try it, but it was actually very tasty. Thank you to a very nice cat who successfully hunted this sufganiyah-prey and giving the gift of Hanukkah spirit.



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